Main services

+Ground Works & Civil Engineering

Every site starts with either something or nothing and either way it needs to be removed or reconfigured to enable new structures to take formation.  Whether it is a virgin field requiring new groundworks and services, brownfield and removing an older building and establishing a footprint for a new one we can help prepare your site for the next stage of its journey.  Radon, Methane and Gas Work Site experienced.


At Alderwood Construction we pride ourselves by being up to any challenge!  We have no issue with any building works be it concrete, brick, stone, structural steel, carpentry, traditional and modern roofing, roof coverings, plastering and all finishing trades to provide a complete finished product to our clients satisfaction.


We enjoy working with like minded companies, individuals and professionals, being able to accurately manage expectations and coordinate all facets of the project from site appraisals, initial purchase through arranging services, construction, latent warranties and the eventual resale process and aftercare.  Team players.

+Design and Build

We all lead busy lives and it makes sense if you are either distant or busy away from your home or whether it is a second home to be able to entrust your project to a team that can keep the momentum and provide you with a turnkey construction solution managing all the necessary professionals to suit.

+Joinery Services

We have our own wholly owned subsidiary company Oakwood’s that has a fully set-up joinery shop catering for bespoke windows, doors, fitted cabinetry and contemporary furniture.  Let us show you what we can do to make your project truly individual at sensible prices.

+Project Management

One of the bedrocks of the business is the ability to be able to manage expectations, provide accurate schedules, cash flow forecasts, document variations and valuations and make necessary and timely suggestions to enhance your project, ensure products are expedited when required, manage the budget so to maximise your ambitions all designed to try and remove the sleepless nights and headaches.